Fotoboer (nieuwe stijl)

Test rendering from a movie created by our latest iteration of the sketchy engine.

Sketchfied. latest project: The LED-mirror.

Drawing from a still of SIA, Elastic Heart video, our drawing bot drew 8000 straight strokes of various lengths with a ballpoint (continuous line drawing).

Blackstripes MkII draws Miles Davis

David Lynch drawn with a big Edding marker without lifting the marker once (continuous line drawing).


Ibiza City, as shot with my iPhone4S in pano mode.

Jimi svg, created using iPad app

Output from my iPad custom build app.


Jesus statue as found near a church in Trier (the St. Gangolf church)

Marylin detail

Marylin Monroe in circulair style

The Blimp

A lasercut blimp, modeled and sliced in the Autodesk toolsuite such as Autodeks's 123D Design and 123D Make.

Usain Bolt printed with printerbot

Printing Usain Bolt, slightly larger then life!

Fountain of Diamonds

Fountain of diamonds, as found in the gardens of 'Paleis het Loo'.